Stoplocks – added security for your vehicle

van-truck stoplocks

Heavy Duty Van Lock

Heavy Duty Van Locks

  • Easy to use, fits rear or side doors
  • Heavy duty steel locking bar for maximum security
  • Zinc plated and powder coated for ultimate corrosion resistance
  • 7 pin high security lock includes two keys
  • Ideal for all vans, sliding doors, gates and sheds
  • All fittings and brackets included.

Part Number: HG 198-00

Our Price: £39.99

street-wise-stoplock Streetwize SWRL Steering Wheel

    • Rotary Lock – Yellow

Part Number: SWRL

Our Price: £11.99

Double Hook Steering Lock

Double Hook Steering Lock

Double Hook Steering Lock

  • Anti-Theft double hook steering wheel lock
  • High visibility deterrent
  • Fitted with unique cross key locking mechanism
  • Fits most vehicle

Part Number: SWDH

Our Price: £ 12.99

Baseball Bat Steering Wheel Lock - Yellow /Black

Baseball Bat Steering Wheel Lock – Yellow /Black

Baseball Steering Wheel Lock

  • Fits most vehicles
  • Fitted with unique cross keylocking mechanism

Part Number: SWBBL

Our Price: £10.99

Stoplock Pro Elite

Stoplock Pro Elite

Stoplock Pro Elite

  • Featuring a deeper bend in its structure & larger forks to wrap around a steering wheel allowing for a greater size tolerance
  • Thatcham Category 3 anti-theft device is the visual & recommended deterrent needed to prevent the theft of your car Includes a protective case, unique key code and lifetime guarantee

Part Number:HG 150-00

Our Price: £54.99

 Metro Stoplock Original Metro Stoplock Original

  • Fits most vehicles. It has a flashing LED warning light providing additional security at night
  • Made from high grade steel
  • Snaps shut without a key and features 10,000 key combinations.

Part Number: MET13459
Our Price: £35.99

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