Security posts for your car and trailer


Part Number: mp9737Our Price: £44.99Part Number: mp9735Our Price: £35.93Part Number: mp9731Our Price: £44.21Part Number: mp9739Our Price:£39.73

Wheel Clamps


Full Face Wheel Clamp 8″-10″ For Trailers Part Number: SWWL4 Our Price: £29.98 Cross Face Wheel Clamp Fits wheels 13″ 14″ 15″ Part Number: SWWL3 Our Price: £23.99 Claw Style Wheel Clamp Universal wheel clamp 175mm to 250mm tyre clearance width inside clamp Fits from small trailer to around 205/65 View Product …

Number Plates made on our premises

 Our Price: £10.99 standard, GB logo £11.99, Square £10.99

We supply high quality impact number plates to order. They can be supplied with or without the Euro GB logo. Note: For security reason please bring in your V5 log book and drivers license. Made while you wait…It only takes a few minutes to make them.

Stoplock® Valve Lock

 Our Price: £3.99

Stoplock® Valve Lock Stainless steel anti-theft valve caps Stylish and practical Easy to fit Part Number: HG 195-00

Stoplock® Plate Lock

 Our Price: £3.98

Protect your number plate from theft so that criminals can’t steal your plates for use in petrol pump drive offs. The secure number plate fixings are attached to the number plate in such a way that the number plate breaks up when it is removed. Kit includes security fasteners, colour View Product …

Stoplocks – added security for your vehicle


Stoplock HG 134-66 Steering Wheel Lock Airbag 4×4 High-security steering wheel lock specially developed for bigger steering wheels 10,000 key combinations Flashing warning LED Fits most vans and 4x4s Part Number: HG 134-66 Our Price: £38.99 Heavy Duty Van Locks Easy to use, fits rear or side doors Heavy duty View Product …