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Packaged in separated plastic boxes with the contents of each boxed clearly displayed on the front.
    • 160 pieces
    • Stylish packaging
    • Conveniently sectioned pieces
    Type Qty
    Yellow 4mm Ring 4
    Yellow 8mm Ring 4
    Yellow 10mm Ring 4
    Yellow 6.3mm Male Spade 5
    Yellow 6.3mm Female Spade 5
    Yellow Butt Connector 12
    Red 4mm Ring 8
    Blue Wire Connector 4
    Blue Butt Connector 18
    Red Butt Connector 12
    Red Wire Connector 4
    Blue 6mm Ring 10
    Blue 5mm Ring 10
    Blue 4mm Ring 10
    Blue 5mm Bullet 10
    Blue 5mm Receptacle Sockets 10
    Blue 6.3mm Female Spade 10
    Blue 4mm Fork 10
    Blue 6.3mm Male Spade 10