12v Universal Bulb Kit with H1 ,H4 & H7 Headlamps

Code: BU027

12v Universal Bulb Kit with H1 ,H4 & H7 Headlamps/Dipped Beams


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Universal multi headlamp 12v auto bulb kit. Suitable for vehicles fitted with H4, H1 or H7 headlamp bulbs. Includes 3 headlamp bulbs, 12 additional interior/exterior bulbs and 4 blade fuses. Transferable from vehicle to vehicle.

Kit contains:

  • H1 headlamp bulb
  • H4 headlamp bulb
  • H7 headlamp bulb
  • R380 stop/tail bulb
  • R382 stop/indicator bulb
  • R581 amber indicator bulb
  • R566 tail/fog bulb
  • R239 festoon bulb
  • R501 capless side and tail bulb
  • R233 side and tail bulb
  • R434 H6 miniature halogen bulb
  • R245S side and tail bulb
  • R955 capless HLBL/reversing
  • 2x side and tail R207S bulb
  • 2x 10A mini blade fuse
  • 2x 10A standard blade fuse

Product Dimensions (mm):
H 180  x  W 94  x  D 60

Weight (kg): 0.232

Voltage: 12V DC


E Regulation Number: 37 – FILAMENT LAMPS


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