Analogue tyre pressure gauge

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Having the correct tyre pressure makes driving easier, safer and cuts down on fuel bills. The only way to get an accurate pressure reading is with a tyre gauge.

Analogue tyre gauge with a simple gauge that allows you to check that your tyre pressure is at the right level. The 45° angle of the head makes it easier to attach and take the measurement. The gauge shows pressure in PSI or BAR, up to 120PSI (8 BAR). No need for batteries or a power source, meaning no added expenses and no fiddly wires. Small and easy to store, this is ideal tyre gauge to keep in your vehicle to use when needed.


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  • Analogue tyre pressure gauge
  • No power or batteries required
  • Shows pressure in PSI and BAR
  • Gauge range of 0-120PSI/0-8 BAR
  • 45° angle head for easy attachment to tyre