Multi stage fully automatic SmartChargers

Code: RSC608

Multi stage fully automatic SmartChargers.


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  • Multi stage fully automatic SmartChargers.
  • Auto Charge applies the fastest charge, based on battery size.
  • Includes settings for both standard vehicles and START/STOP.
  • Includes battery repair tools to increase performance and battery life.
  • Includes the following battery and alternator analysis tools:
  • Battery voltage – displays as a % the voltage status of a battery
  • Start power test – measures voltage drop during engine start to identify potential battery issues
  • Alternator check – tests the recharging performance of the vehicles alternator
  • Charging current 8amp.
  • Battery capacity: 25-300Ah.
  • Interactive LCD display.
  • Memory saver function allows vehicle and audio settings to be retained if the battery is removed.




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