Quixx Paint Repair Pen

The Quixx Paint Repair Pen fills in deep scratches, repairs them and, thus, prevents impending corrosion and oxidation.


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Features and benefits:

  • Genuine clear coat in the pen reliably attains results in professional quality
  • Also repairs and seals very deep scratches, scrapes and stone chips in the clear coat that cannot be completely removed using the special polishes
  • Protects against corrosion and oxidation
  • Suitable for all colours and gloss paints (also metallic)
  • The clear coat from the pen fills the scratches and binds very harmoniously with the original paint
  • Particularly the special tip of the pen enables accurate operation
  • Very short drying time
  • Application saves expensive repairs and aids value retention

Tip: By simply re polishing the dry clear coat using the Quixx paint scratch remover, the optical result of the paint repair can be made more perfect!

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