Redex Diesel System Cleaner – 4 Shot Bottle

Code: RADD2201A

250ml + 250ml FREE

Add Redex Diesel System Cleaner to your vehicle to :

  • Clean fuel system
    Reduce emissions
    Restore performance
    Improve the life of your engine

Over time, as diesel is ignited and consumed by your engine, deposits build up on the fuel injectors making them less efficient. Getting rid of these deposits means diesel will be used more efficiently, keeping you driving and extending the life of your engine.

A maintenance routine is important for keeping your car at its best, whether it’s checking the oil, waxing the paintwork or getting it serviced.

Specially formulated for diesel cars, Redex Diesel System Cleaner fit easily into your routine, as you simply pour into the tank with your diesel. Regular use will keep your fuel consumption and emissions low throughout the year, keeping your fuel system in top condition, and making Redex fuel additives the best choice for responsible drivers, every time.



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