Smartcharge – Ideal for long term connection

Unlike traditional battery chargers, which keeps putting in charge until it is disconnected, a SmartCharge will automatically switch into maintenance mode once fully charged, therefore allowing for long term connection. It will also run diagnostic tests on your battery to see how it is performing.

It is compatible with lead acid, gel, calcium, AGM and EFB batteries, as well as engines with STOP/START technology.

A SmartCharger can’t jump start a completely flat battery, but it is the best option for battery maintenance. It’s also a good idea to attach one if you know that you won’t be driving your vehicle on a regular basis – using a SmartCharger will keep the battery healthy.

Longer life
By using a SmartCharger, not only are you less likely to find your battery flat, but you can extend its life by two to three years – saving you money.

RSC605 SmartCharge

RSC605 SmartCharge

5A SmartCharge

  • LED indicators show specific charging mode selected.
  • Includes a maintenance charge setting.
  • Charge stage indicator – displays where you are in the charging process.
  • Settings for both standard and START/STOP vehicles.
  • Charging, maintenance, winter and repair modes.
  • Rubber wrap outer for added protection and grip.
  • Polarity protection for correct connection.
  • Fully insulated battery clips for safe protection during connection.

Product Dimensions (mm):
H 192  x  W 73  x  D 56
Weight (kg): 0.832
Voltage: 230V AC Input 12V DC Output
Amps Output: 5A.

Part Number: RSC605 Our Price: £46.99

rsc608 Smartcharge Ring

RSC608 Smartcharge Ring

Multi stage fully automatic SmartChargers

  • Multi stage fully automatic SmartChargers.
  • Auto Charge applies the fastest charge, based on battery size.
  • Includes settings for both standard vehicles and START/STOP.
  • Includes battery repair tools to increase performance and battery life.
  • Includes the following battery and alternator analysis tools:
  • Battery voltage – displays as a % the voltage status of a battery
  • Start power test – measures voltage drop during engine start to identify potential battery issues
  • Alternator check – tests the recharging performance of the vehicles alternator
  • Charging current 8amp.
  • Battery capacity: 25-300Ah.
  • Interactive LCD display.
  • Memory saver function allows vehicle and audio settings to be retained if the battery is removed.

Product Dimensions (mm):
H 139  x  W 197  x  D 74
Weight (kg): 1.352
Voltage: 230V AC Input 12V DC Output

Part Number: RSC608 Our Price: £78.99

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