Analogue tyre & depth gauge set

Code: RTG2

A complete analogue tyre gauge set, which will give you a full picture of the condition of your tyres. Tyre gauges are an essential part of tyre maintenance. This set is small, easy to store and ideal to have in your vehicle for when they are needed – they don’t require any batteries or power, so no fiddliness and they are always ready to use.
The pressure gauge shows readings in PSI and BAR, showing pressures between zero and 120PSI (0-8 BAR). The tread gauge will show the depth of tread, letting you know if your tyres are safe on the road– and legally compliant.

  • Pressure can be measured in PSI and BAR
  • Analogue gauges, with no need for batteries or power
  • Pressure gauge has 45° head to make attachment to tyre valve easier
  • Pressure gauge ranges from 0-120PSI (0-8 BAR), with tread gauge showing depth from 0-25mm


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  • Analogue tyre pressure gauge
  • No power or batteries required
  • Shows pressure in PSI and BAR
  • Gauge range of 0-120PSI/0-8 BAR
  • 45° angle head for easy attachment to tyre