Carlube Lead Replacement Substitute Fuel Additive

Code: QFS300

Carlube Lead Substitute 300ml

Designed to be used on classic cars and older vehicles with soft valve seats originally designed to run on leaded fuel

  • Provides lubrication for soft valve seats
    Helps reduce valve seat wear and recession
    Reduces valve and injector deposits
    Cleans fuel system and carburetors
    Prevent corrosion of the fuel system


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  • Add entire contents to full tank of petrol
    Treats up to 50 litres.
    Use at every fill up
    Refer to vehicle manufacturer or dealer for advice prior to use of lower octane fuel (e.g. regular unleaded) to ensure correct vehicle loading and optimum running speed
    It is recommended that the mixing of lead substitute additives is to be avoided, particularly those of different chemical types since this may reduce effectiveness.

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