Digital Tyre Gauge with tread depth gauge

Code: RTG6

Accurate digital tyre gauge, giving pressure and tyre depth readings, so you can get a full view of the condition of your tyres. The digital backlit screen makes it easy to clearly see the results and measurements. The gauge gives accurate pressure readings in PSI, kg/cm2, kPA and BAR; whichever measurement you would like. The tyre tread depth gauge shows you the condition of your tread – helping your vehicle stay road legal. To make taking readings easier, the gauge has an integrated LED light and 360° rotating nozzle, making it easier to find and access the tyre valve at whatever angle and in the dark. Comes with a handy storage case to keep it handy in the car for whenever you need it.

  • Unique 360° rotating nozzle to locate tyre valve
  • LED light to locate tyre valve
  • Tread depth gauge to measure tyre tread depth
  • Measures in PSI, BAR, kPA, kg/cm2
  • Range 0-99 PSI/0-7 BAR
  • Complete with handy storage case


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