Streetwise 1.5A 12V Trickle Battery Charger


Suitable for SLA, GEL, AGM & MF Batteries. Robust and portable design.

Charging current 1.5 A


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Suitable for charging gel, lead acid, standard maintenance free and deep-cycle batteries. Ideal for cars and motorcycles. Features over-charging, short-circuit, overheating and reverse polarity protection. Ideal for use with other12V battery equipment. With intelligent charge control, batteries can be connected for long periods while the charger checks the charging rate and maintains an optimum level for the battery. Keeps batteries fully-charged in storage.

  • Easy to Read Ammeter Display
  • Robust & Portable Design
  • Suitable for SLA, GEL, AGM & MF Batteries
  • Ideal for Long-Term Connection

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