Wynn’s Radiator Flush

Code: 56064

Wynn’s Radiator Flush is a concentrate to clean automotive cooling systems.

  • Powerful acid free radiator cleaner.
  • Dual action:
  • 1. Removes scale.
  • 2. Eliminates rust, deposits and oily residues.
  • Excellent performance in all types of cooling liquid, including OAT coolant.
  • Keeps dirt and particulates in suspension whilst cleaning.
  • Safe for rubber hoses, seals and all metals in the cooling system.
  • Extremely effective in all closed-circuit cooling systems.
  • Restores the optimal operation of the controls within the cooling system.


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Recommended for “water” cooled systems of all petrol and diesel engines.
Recommended for use when changing the cooling liquid (follow manufacturer’s recommendations).
Particularly effective when cleaning older cooling systems.

Add to the cooling system via the expansion tank if part of the system circuit (2 hoses: out and return), or directly into the radiator if a single hose overflow tank is fitted.
For higher performance, first replace the old coolant by water, then add Wynn’s Radiator Flush.
Warm up the engine with the heater control in HOT position.
Let the engine run at idle for 10 minutes. Heater still in “hot” position.
Stop the engine and allow to cool, open drain valve and empty the system.
With system still open, flush with water until clear, close system and refill with coolant.
One bottle of 325 ml treats systems up to 12 litres.
Add Wynn’s Radiator Stop Leak as a leak preventive agent.

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