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Snow Chains are a legal requirement in many EU countries, and an ideal winter product in the UK.

Last year over  several thousand vehicles were left stranded during the most violent snow storms to hit the UK in 25 years. Our Carpoint Snow Chains meet strict European TUV and GS Standards as well as the ‘ON’ Award from the Austrian Institute of safety.

Carpoint Fastfit Snow Chains are 9mm flexible snow chains manufactured for use on cars (not suitable for vans or 4×4’s). Constructed from flexible galvanised steel chain into a diamond cross directional pattern for maximum traction, excellent control and shorter braking distances, these snow chains are invaluable when there’s snow on the ground, particularly on steep inclines. They are plasticized to protect the wheels from any potential damage

With the clever design and ergonomic rubber clamping system, these chains can be fitted in minutes without the need to even move the vehicle. The snow chains have been plasticized to protect the wheels from any potential damage.

The 9mm snow chains are ideal for use on vehicles where there is limited clearance between the wheel and arch, and they can be used on vehicles with ABS. The snow chains are supplied in a handy zipped storage bag with fitting instructions on the bag to ease of use.
Manufactured and assembled in accordance with ISO 9002 and reaching TUV/GS and now the OEN standard for quality.

Check tyre size carefully before finding relevant snow chain size from wheel size charts, and select from drop down box. Only suitable for driving on roads with snow coverage. Not suitable for driving on icy roads or other surfaces that are not snow covered.

If you try to use chains on a road that has been cleared of snow you risk damage to the road and to the vehicle.

With the UK policy of gritting and clearing major roads this means that you will almost certainly have to remove and refit chains several times during a journey.

If you have fitted chains, stop and remove them as soon as you reach a gritted/cleared road – choose a safe place, preferably on level ground and consider wearing a reflective jacket for improved visibility.

If your main worry is the short stretch of your journey at the beginning and end where local roads become icy because they’re not gritted or don’t see enough passing traffic, then’snow socks’ might be the answer.

Socks are not as effective as chains in more severe conditions. They’re not considered an ‘approved’ alternative to chains in areas where snow chain signs are posted, but do appear to be considerably easier to fit and remove, and do offer some improvement in grip from a summer tyre – particularly where the road is flat.

Like chains, snow socks must be removed when you get to a gritted/cleared road surface – the tyre would not comply with minimum tread depth requirements and socks will wear out rapidly when driven on a tarmac surface.

Vehicle tyre size must be checked before fitting and the relevant size snowchain must be used.




Tyre Width/Height Wheel Size  to fit KNN80

155/80 13
165/70 13
175/65 13
185/60 13
195/55 13
145/80 14
155/70 14
165/65 14
175/60 14
185/55 14
125/80 15
135/80 15
175/55 15
195/45 15


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