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ISSE have invented the perfect winter emergency kit, Snow Socks.

Snow Socks are a brilliant and convenient aid for safer, easier driving in icy and snowy conditions.

  • No metal parts
  • Quick and easy to fit and remove
  • No damage to your tyres while driving
  • No vibrations
  • Size 58 will fit a range of tyre sizes (see table below)
  • TUV and CE tested and approved
  • Set of two snow socks

Snow Socks are made from patented bands of woven polypropylene and are so good that they have even won a place on the Popular Mechanics: 2011 SEMA Editors Choice Awards.

The Snow Socks are designed for occasional emergency use and once fitted allow you to drive at a maximum speed of 30mph.

Snow Socks come with a storage bag and with gloves for fitting and removing. They take up practically no space in your boot at all but will save you loads of time and hassle.


Introduce the tyre into the chain (as if it were a cover) as far as possible
Move the vehicle slightly forwards or backwards
Adjust the Snow Sock to fit the rest of the tyre

Size 58 fits Tyre Sizes:

Fits Tyre Sizes:

13”               14”               15”             16”                 17”                 18”
155/80R13 165/65R14 135/70R15 175/55R16 215/35R17 225/30R18
165/80R13 165/70R14 145/65R15 185/50R16 205/40R17
175/70R13 165/75R14 155/65R15 195/45R16 215/40R17
185/70R13 175/65R14 155/70R15 195/50R16 195/40R17
195/65R13 175/70R14 165/60R15 205/40R16 225/35R17
195/70R13 185/60R14 165/65R15 205/45R16 245/35R17
205/60R13 185/65R14 175/55R15 215/40R16
205/65R13 195/55R14 175/60R15 215/45R16
215/60R13 195/60R14 185/55R15 225/40R16
225/60R13 205/55R14 185/60R15 175/50R16
185/65R13 205/60R14 195/50R15 255/35R16
225/55R13 225/55R14 195/55R15
145/80R14 205/50R15
135/80R14 215/50R15
155/70R14 125/80R15
155/80R14 145/70R15


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